Local Teen Launches Interactive Book

Heather Johnson launches her first book, Hidden Voice: A story of discovering strengths.


With the guidance of her Publisher, Publication Consultants, support from Golden H Productions, and her mentor Alison Norrington, of UK transmedia consultants, storycentral, this young author will be encountering a new world career as an interactive transmedia author.


Unlike traditional authors with a print copy only, Heather branches out into the digital world through ebooks and brings her characters to life through social media. When her readers purchase her book in either format the reader will find the direct link to her main character’s Facebook page. The reader can chat with the cast of characters and ask questions pertaining to the storyline or their lives.


Hidden Voice targets pre-teen and teen readers focusing on discovering strengths within yourself and dealing with life and the people that surround you in school and home. A short easy read, it’s packed with drama, humor and encouragement.


Heather began her writing career after she attended the San Francisco StoryWorld Conference and Expo in 2011, where she met her mentor Alison Norrington. From that point on she attended the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York where she learned to Pitch her work and how to build solid characters. She also submitted an article to Discovery Girls magazine, which is now being prepared for the July 2013 issue.


Prior to the release of her book Heather was invited on the main stage of the 2012 StoryWorld Conference and Expo in Hollywood, California. There Alison Norrington hosted an interview with her about her book and how she plans to use the transmedia platform to enhance her work.


With a hometown and Internet book release launch party planned, this soft-spoken teen will begin a life that she had only once dreamt about. Juggling High School course work, attending Book Signings, training to be an ambassador with the People to People Ambassadorship program, meetings with her local chapter of the National Association of Professional Women (member since 2012), and making time for her friends in Youth Group, she has found time to begin another writing project of a book series about a dance team.